How we do it

how we make sure that you get the website that you want


The most important part of building a website is the first step where we’ll take time to listen to what you want from the site, how you would like it to look and what tone you want to achieve.  We’ll give you some samples to look at and some colour palettes to choose from.  We’ll build a list of your requirements which will be the basis from which we build the site.


Next up we’ll start to plan out how we are going to make it happen.  We’ll map out your site’s structure, menus and sections and draw up a plan of how we think the site should work and what it should look like and check that its the way you want it.


Once we’ve agreed how the site should work, we’ll start bringing together some of the designs and colours that we discussed earlier to build a set of mockups for you to look at.  We’ll chop and change these so that they look just the way you want them.


When you’re happy with the mock-ups we’ll set to work building the website.  We’ll put it on a staging server where only you can look see it and once we have ironed out any bugs we’ll hand it over you to give it the once over.


Once you are happy with the site, we’ll ask you to sign it off and we’ll make the site live and available to the world.  We’ll make sure that it is optimised for speed and that search engines can find it and if you want us to look after your site we’ll make sure that regular backups are being taken, keep a constant check that everything is working the way it should be and keep you in the picture about how many people are using the site and how they are finding it.