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net.co.im – a new kid on the block

net.co.im is a new web design company located in Ramsey on the Isle of Man.  Whilst net.co.im is a new company, its founder and lead developer is anything but. With over 30 years in the IT industry Philip Dunne has a wealth of experience in code development, analysis and design.  Just as importantly his years as head of Nationwide on the island have taught him to value the benefits of building long and mutually beneficial business relationships founded on exceptional customer service.

net – what we’re trying to do

“I set up net when I realised that I could bring all the disciplines that are found in the big corporate environments that I am used to, to smaller and startup businesses at a fraction of their costs.  I realised that using the latest web design software, startups could compete on an equal footing with much bigger competitors and I wanted to see if I could help make it happen, here in the Isle of Man.”

Isle of Man Bonnie & Philip Dunne founder net.co.im web design
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net – its not rocket science

“What’s more I wanted to try and move away from the idea that you needed a computer science degree to build a website and an arts degree to design one.  As a startup or small company you simply don’t have time to worry about swooshing flashing images on your website.  You just care that its pages are relevant, its says what you want it to say, it loads quickly and that it doesn’t crash when people click on it.  And it would be nice if it was punctuated correctly and had a decent colour palette!  net sets out to do the basics really well and keep the costs down so you can get on with running your business.”